Luminous City is an organization that strives to love its neighbors in downtown San Diego with the transformative love of Jesus Christ through sincere, intentional interactions and experiences. The brand direction is fresh, inclusive, and unpretentious, yet driven and inspired.
Roles: Art Direction, Development, Copywriting
Direct Mail
Luminous City needed a direct mail piece to be sent out before their grand opening. The language on the flier needed to be hopeful and inclusive without alienating any prospective visitors with religious jargon. Since direct mail pieces (as with almost all forms of advertising) have such a short lifespan, the design needed to be bold, yet embody Luminous City’s brand.
Before officially launching, it was important for Luminous City to establish an online presence. While maintaining an email list and engagement on social media was vital, they needed a “home base” online to provide additional information for future events, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising.

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